Heating Installation

From traditional oil-fired boilers to technologically advanced hybrid heat pumps, Heroes Heating and Cooling has a wide array of heating solutions.

Whether you’re interested in switching fuel types or need to replace your inefficient system, we’re prepared to present you with options available to suit your needs.  Heroes Heating and Cooling can install a heating system that uses any type of fuel source.

Are you concerned that your current heating system is inefficient?

If so, you’re not alone.

Ratings between an old furnace and a new model can be significant, regardless of the size of your home or building. We supply forced-air and baseboard heating systems.  They can be fueled by gas, oil, propane, or electricity.  We also supply and install heat pumps.

Hire a Heroes Professional

Upgrading your heating system with the Heroes installation team can help make your home more comfortable and reduce your home heating costs. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your home and help you choose the right option for your specific needs.

Get a better HVAC system from Heroes Heating and Cooling and stop wasting your precious time and money on inefficient systems. We’ve got the perfect one for you—we’re sure of it!

Heroes Heating and Cooling offers both residential and commercial heating services for those in need of installation, maintenance, or repair.

We’re saving the day throughout Wake and Durham County!


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